Izunami ITC-450 Review

"This Izunami ITC-450 flat iron is considered as one of the best hair straighteners on the market nowadays."

Izunami ITC-450





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Izunami ITC-450
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This flat iron heats up rapidly and has a heat settings over 450 degrees Fahrenheit which is considered as hotter than any other hair straightener available in the market.

The Izunami ITC-450 is a crowd favorite among both beauty and stylists enthusiasts, as its plates which are ceramic has been proven to improve the health of your hair, making it smoother and shinier, without damaging the hair.

The plates which is 1-inch tourmaline and ceramic are infused with ions to help absorbing moisture and close the hair shaft so that moisture can stay there. The plates are gold in white or black and flat.

This unit is equipped with safety function. It will switch off after a period of inactivity which is good as it preserves energy and also safer to use. Aside from this, there is a “flash heating” feature which promotes safer as you can turn it on and start hair styling after, instead of letting it heat up before styling.

Our Verdict for Izunami ITC-450

If you are looking for a flat iron that can add flip or straighten your hair, this is the best model so far. But, if you are looking for all-around styling, this is not the best model to choose.