Bio Ionic OnePass Review






Hair Protection


Easy To Use


The Bio Ionic OnePass  is designed to style your hair with just, as the name suggests, one pass. This flat iron is made with ion-infused and nano-ceramic plates which ideally helps the styling of hair.

With the choices of temperature, you can choose which one is effective to straighten your hair and keep it silky smooth and soft in less time.

FeaturesBio Ionic OnePass

The straightening plates of this flat iron is at 1.5 inches which are larger compared to standard flat irons. It is also a little heavier. The plates are infused with ceramic and ions which helps heating fast and with consistency. The design of this flat iron which includes the rounded tapered edge makes it easy to get close to your scalp and around ears. The unit is 10 inches long.


The Good

The higher the ceramic heating technology of the flat iron, the faster it is to style and flat your hair. The design of Bio Ionic OnePass makes it ideal for waving and curling uses too. The heat is distributed to the hair evenly because of its ceramic technology. Because the plates width are larger, it can definitely handle thick long hair.

The Bad

Though it says it can help your style your hair with just “one pass”, it is really not ideal for women with thick hair. The weight of the unit makes it difficult for longer use as well. Furthermore, the unit has silicone guides within its plates that are recommended to guide straightening but in the long run, you can find that it will snag your hair and may be difficult to use for finding the perfect straight style for your hair.

Our Verdict for Bio Ionic OnePass

According to its price, it is considered as one of the best flat irons among its range. It has advanced ceramic technology which provides even heat for styling your hair. Depending on your hair type, the “one pass” is not really necessary or ideal especially if you have a curly or thick hair.

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