Best Flat Irons for Black Hair


When you have a naturally black hair, it may be hard to straighten or style it with the best flat irons but there is still hope. There are still enormous variety of flat irons which were designed specifically for women with black hair.

In here, I will discuss with you the characteristics of having a natural black hair and I will give you tips on finding the best flat iron for your hair. There are actually 4 hair types which is numbered 1,2,3 and 4 with its own sub sections.

Straight hair

Wavy hair

Curly hair

Kinky hair

Just a heads up, most women with naturally black hair fall under type 3 or type 4, specifically type 3C which is the curly kinky hair type and types 4A and 4B. The said hair types as so easy to damage so it is really important to buy the best hair straightener that is suited for your needs.

5 Best Flat Irons For Natural Black Hair

Sedu Revolution

One thing that can be noted for this flat iron is its rounded edges which helps prevents hair from developing marks. With the advanced negative ions it has, this flat iron is safe to use even on highest temperature or damaged hair. Did you know that hair stylists opt to use this hair straightener as it is very easy to use and is also not really expensive compared to other premier flat irons.

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Hot Tools Ceramic Vibrating Flat Iron

This flat iron uses smooth ceramic plates which helps retain heat for styling your hair. The plates oscillate ensures the hair will move smoothly in between the plates while styling. The digital feature allows user to read the temperature and make sure it was set to their ideal heat setting to avoid over drying or burning the hair.

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Hana Elite 1 Inch Flat Iron

When it comes to ceramic plates, this flat iron is 100% real ceramic. The ceramic plates keeps the hair from damage as heat is evenly distributed and really adjustable. The price for this flat iron is also higher compared to other but it is surely worth the investment.

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Gold ‘N Hot 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron

This has an economic price among other flat irons in the market. This flat iron is considered to be the best flat iron for natural black hair. The surface has its ceramic heating ability to get the unit hot quick and stay hot equally and even longer.

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Andis Professional 1 Inch Titanium Hair Straightener

This hair straightener offers a titanium heating plates that enable the heat to be distributed equally which prevents spot burning. This flat iron vibrates, making it easier to move over the hai surface. This unique feature prevents the hair from tearing, snagging and other damage caused by rough surface.

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How should I know the best flat iron for me?

I will present to you few questions you need to ask yourself before picking up a new hair flat iron.

The plates are made of what? Take note that not all flat irons are created equally and some plates materials work better than others. For curly hairs, the best option is to go for titanium or ceramic plates.

Does it has an adjustable temperature setting? Not all the time, you will use the highest temperature setting for your flat iron because it will end up damaging your hair. Thinner hair requires lower temperature compared to thick hairs.

Do you have to shut if off manually? If you are prone to leaving your things on after using, an automatic shut off of a flat iron should be considered. There are different flat irons available there which will shut off after a certain period of time if not used.

Are the plates big enough or small? Most of the flat iron's plates size ranges from half inch to 2 inches. The smaller plates are ideal for thin and short hairs. If you have a long and thick hair, you need to opt for the hair straightener with larger plates.

What are the accessories? There are now different brands of flat irons which offer an attachable accessory like a brush to make the hair straightening much easy. It is actually good to consider this thing for extra