BeLissPRO Titanium Flat Iron Review

BeLissPRO Titanium Flat Iron

A good flat iron helps you save a massive chunk of time in the morning making your hair shiny and beautiful. With a little bit of creativity a flat iron can be used to style your hair in dozens of ways, even flipping it.

Yet only few women think of investing in a professional flat iron used by stylists. So many women settle for a lower quality flat iron and committed themselves to allotting hours each week styling their hair.

If you are one of them, it doesn’t have to be anymore with BeLissPRO Titanium Flat Iron. This flat iron comes with a remarkable list of professional level features and a sleek look—and it will only cost you $31.96.

Want to know more? Check out these awesome BeLissPRO Titanium Flat Iron features:

  • Variable 50 heat settings that go all the way up until 450F; this is a noticeably higher temperature than other brands within the same price range. Note that 450F is too high for most hair types and should only be used if you have extremely coarse hair.
  • “Instant” heat – this flat iron can reach the maximum heat temperature within two minutes. Titanium so far has the fastest heating speed, the reason why many women preferred titanium plated flat irons.
  • High efficiency ceramic heater – ceramic plates were commonly used in hair straighteners for years because they heat up evenly and hold the heat well in place. This heater allows the BeLissPRO to heat up as evenly as any ceramic hair straightener.
  • Nine foot swivel cord – lets you move conveniently and swiftly while styling your hair.
  • Slim 1″ plates which makes it easy to use for curling your hair as well as straightening it.
  • The BeLissPRO is by far the best hair straightener you’re going to get for less than $50 unless you catch an extremely awesome sale on top notch quality flat irons. It won’t last you several years like some of the professional models, but it will do a good job while it does last.

After all, Titanium and not only diamonds are girl’s best friend. View photos, user reviews and prices at